Time to launch

Well, I finally carved out the time needed to rebuild the new blog that I horked over the summer. I still have recipes and garden tips to pull from here to there, but I’ll do that over time. I hope you’ll pop over and say hello at Kitchen Garden Table! Powered by Bookmarkify™ Bookmark It

Boo hoo

Well, I had my new project ready to launch and decided to do a few more tweaks and it disappeared. I have no clue what happened and even less of a clue how to fix it. Back to the drawing board, apparently. Bookmark It

New project

Helloooo? Is anybody here? Wow, I have really missed this space on the web. Missed the ongoing conversation about food and life and gardens and kids and self. Work was super busy over the winter and spring, but has stalled out the past couple of months. Meanwhile, I’m putting extra energy into some volunteer projects [...]

Taking a hiatus

I know posting has been spotty the last few months. Work is super busy, which is a wonderful thing. I’m so grateful for the work right now. I’m also itching like mad to do some writing for me and I’ll sit down to do it, thinking about my novel and thinking about this blog and [...]

Thank you

To the kind person who sent me Leonard Cohen’s Death of a Ladies’ Man. On our way out of the driveway for our three week trip to the east coast, I pulled the truck up to the mailbox and had Tyler reach out to grab the previous day’s mail. It contained a small padded envelope [...]

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