I dream of ravioli

When I asked Chris what he’d like for his birthday dinner this weekend, he thought for a few minutes, then said ravioli. Ravioli? Really? Bo-ring. At least, boring for me. I like to have a challenge when making a special dish for someone I love, and dumping a couple of bags of frozen ravioli into [...]

Welcome to the club—of mom haters

I’m late to the party with this but I’m going to post about it anyway. Even though a whole bunch of other bloggers already covered it thoroughly and I’m just saying the same bloody things. I’m still pissed after watching the video clip on Friday of Melissa Summers talking about cocktail play dates on NBC. [...]

My first flask – Day 23

I remember this one Christmas when I was maybe nine or ten. It snowed a lot and we went to my Aunt and Uncle’s house for Christmas dinner. I’d had hives—bad—huge clusters of red welts all over my body that itched so much I wanted to scratch my skin with that wire brush my dad [...]

How to waste money and rot your teeth on a weekly basis-Day 11

My sister and I (Hi Jen!) loved Saturdays. Well, we loved Saturdays after our chores were finished and our chart was all checked off: dust (check), dust mop (check), change sheets (check), put laundry away (check), clean up toys (check). Then we walked or pedaled our bikes the mile and a half to the little [...]

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