Eating my own tail

Aaack. I really need to remember the sunscreen. I’m only 41 and looking at the age spots on my face is giving me nervous nelly hives on my ass. It’s remarkable that my brain isn’t getting fat and overspilling my ears because all I think about these days is food. Planting it, harvesting it, preparing [...]

Weekend garden update

Every inch of my body now hurts. I spent yesterday in non-stop physical labor digging holes to plant the fruit trees — one hole needed the help of a spud bar (a long, heavy, metal pole with a spike on the end that you lift up and slam down into the bottom of the hole [...]

Long weekends aren’t even long enough

Still feeling quiet over here. A good weekend with intertwining themes of sunshine, play, food, friends, dirt manicures, plants, rototillers and flow. It was good to dip into those gentle currents of positivity when my mind latched onto the floaters (frustration, fear, uncertainty and neck pain that is the manifestation in my body of all [...]

Worked myself like a mule

Where the frack did that weekend go? My body is so bone tired I can hardly type right now and am thinking that the cup of coffee I have in front of me isn’t nearly strong enough. We never had any of that predicted rain over the weekend, just a few sprinkles and then nothing [...]

Weekend update, spring is here for real edition

It’s definitely spring because Tyler has used half a box of tissues this weekend. Poor guy gets allergies like his father does, long and brutal. I feel mine cranking up too in the form of a headache that’s hung out in my skull for four days and an ever-so slightly scratchy throat. What a spectacular [...]

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