Homemade pasta on a Sunday afternoon

OK, so it was TWO Sundays ago. Things have been busy around here. I’m working my hind end to a pancake sitting in this here chair, typing-typing-typing and trying to find just the right words. Work is good. Very good. Yay, work! But so yeah… two Sundays ago this happened: Lila had to be in [...]

My weekend in pickles

So it turns out a bushel of little Kirby cucumbers makes something like 40 quarts of pickles. It makes considerably less than 40 quarts when the person doing the pickling has planned said pickling for the hottest Sunday of the year and the air conditioning is on the fritz. Dumb. Hiney. I have missed my [...]

Spinach, arugula, rhubarb, broccoli raab, green garlic, oh my

Yesterday was my 42nd birthday–the first birthday in years where I didn’t feel any anticipation about the day or pressure to somehow celebrate. No party plans, just a relaxed dinner at home. I eased into the day with warm wishes from my family, deep snuggles from Lila, soft kisses on the back of my neck [...]

Fruits of my laboring breath

Wheeze… wheeze… I meant to take the camera out this weekend. The yard is spilling over with lush green and I’m sure the light in the afternoons had that gold-filter quality that makes the world feel this close to sepia. But I squinted a lot due to headaches and couldn’t get over feeling sorry for [...]

Baked Potato Soup or heaven in a bowl

We’re eating a lot of potato soup lately. It’s cheap, easy to make and versatile enough that I can change up some ingredient to give it a new flavor so we don’t get bored. Recent incarnations have included freshly ground cumin seed, corn, roasted red peppers, hot peppers and kale (not all together…ew). Chatting with [...]

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