Falling into fall

Wow, it’s just barely above 50 degrees this evening and I left the upstairs window open all day, so the house feels cold and breezy. I worked on-site today, and planned a simple dinner of pasta with pesto from the freezer and a nice green salad. The salad greens froze in my crisper drawer (not [...]

It’s the weather, stupid (stupid me, not stupid you)

Summer slunk off to the hinterlands again, and we’re back to wearing fleece around the house. My electric bill appreciates the break, but the garden is confused. I put a second quilt on the bed and shut off the window fan. My melancholia came back when I’d only just tucked it into the soil next [...]

The space between

My camera battery died and I keep forgetting to stop in at Campus Camera to pick up a new one, so I haven’t taken a photo in weeks. Meanwhile the perennial garden is showing off in a big way and I can’t show you. My yard is filled with trellises strung for tomatoes and runner [...]

Grace in small things: part 1 of 365

I’m in need of a little help right now. Life’s throwing fast balls and curve balls daily, and yesterday even managed a mucous-covered spit ball in the form of Lila breaking her arm. For a couple of weeks I’ve been enjoying Schmutzie’s thoughtful and heartening Grace In Small Things project. I’ve decided to take her [...]

Some things I’ve done

Trying to recall the last time I did a meme, and it might be as long ago as 2003. Egads. I’ve seen this one around a lot, but most recently at Becca’s blog. I’ve got a bunch of posts stewing in the juices of my addled brain but too little time to actually write this [...]

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