I dream of ravioli

When I asked Chris what he’d like for his birthday dinner this weekend, he thought for a few minutes, then said ravioli. Ravioli? Really? Bo-ring. At least, boring for me. I like to have a challenge when making a special dish for someone I love, and dumping a couple of bags of frozen ravioli into [...]

Further thoughts on blight

I haven’t had time to get out to the garden to pull and bag the blighted plants yet, and we’ve had several days of rain again, so I’m sure it’s spreading through the neighborhood. But school started on Wednesday for my first grader, and on our morning walk I noticed dozens of small gardens or [...]

The blighted season

I’m so sad. My entire 40-plant bed of paste tomatoes has early blight. My schedule has been so nuts over the last week since I discovered the first signs, and I haven’t had a moment to pull plants and dispose of them. My apologies to the neighbors if it’s traveling from mine to yours on [...]

It’s the weather, stupid (stupid me, not stupid you)

Summer slunk off to the hinterlands again, and we’re back to wearing fleece around the house. My electric bill appreciates the break, but the garden is confused. I put a second quilt on the bed and shut off the window fan. My melancholia came back when I’d only just tucked it into the soil next [...]

Transplanting, growing and thriving: some thoughts on success

I planted raspberry canes in one of the six beds over in my mother in-law’s yard our first summer here (has it really been three years?) but as with everything over there, they didn’t get enough sun. This spring I dug them up and moved them to a very sunny spot on the side of [...]

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