Homemade pasta on a Sunday afternoon

OK, so it was TWO Sundays ago. Things have been busy around here. I’m working my hind end to a pancake sitting in this here chair, typing-typing-typing and trying to find just the right words. Work is good. Very good. Yay, work! But so yeah… two Sundays ago this happened: Lila had to be in [...]

Half-Sour Pickle update

Not so tasty! I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t use the Bell’s pickling spices (because I forgot to buy them) and they have a nicer mix of ingredients… or if I just like a saltier pickle. So I dumped out the brine, rinsed the pickles, made up a new brine with double the [...]

My weekend in pickles

So it turns out a bushel of little Kirby cucumbers makes something like 40 quarts of pickles. It makes considerably less than 40 quarts when the person doing the pickling has planned said pickling for the hottest Sunday of the year and the air conditioning is on the fritz. Dumb. Hiney. I have missed my [...]

Transplanting, growing and thriving: some thoughts on success

I planted raspberry canes in one of the six beds over in my mother in-law’s yard our first summer here (has it really been three years?) but as with everything over there, they didn’t get enough sun. This spring I dug them up and moved them to a very sunny spot on the side of [...]

Winter solstice, bring back the light

I always go into winter with a huge list of projects I intend to accomplish in the evenings, forgetting that the early dark puts me to bed and sleep between 8:30 and 9:00. As we inch towards spring, I wake up again, and then rush about trying to make a dent in that list at [...]

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