Homemade pasta on a Sunday afternoon

OK, so it was TWO Sundays ago. Things have been busy around here. I’m working my hind end to a pancake sitting in this here chair, typing-typing-typing and trying to find just the right words. Work is good. Very good. Yay, work! But so yeah… two Sundays ago this happened: Lila had to be in [...]

Falling into fall

Wow, it’s just barely above 50 degrees this evening and I left the upstairs window open all day, so the house feels cold and breezy. I worked on-site today, and planned a simple dinner of pasta with pesto from the freezer and a nice green salad. The salad greens froze in my crisper drawer (not [...]

I dream of ravioli

When I asked Chris what he’d like for his birthday dinner this weekend, he thought for a few minutes, then said ravioli. Ravioli? Really? Bo-ring. At least, boring for me. I like to have a challenge when making a special dish for someone I love, and dumping a couple of bags of frozen ravioli into [...]

The blighted season

I’m so sad. My entire 40-plant bed of paste tomatoes has early blight. My schedule has been so nuts over the last week since I discovered the first signs, and I haven’t had a moment to pull plants and dispose of them. My apologies to the neighbors if it’s traveling from mine to yours on [...]

My weekend in pickles

So it turns out a bushel of little Kirby cucumbers makes something like 40 quarts of pickles. It makes considerably less than 40 quarts when the person doing the pickling has planned said pickling for the hottest Sunday of the year and the air conditioning is on the fritz. Dumb. Hiney. I have missed my [...]

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